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De ce ne închidem ochii pentru a ne aduce aminte

Quite a bit of the brain is taken up with understanding what is going on in our sensory world. For example, if you clasp your hands behind your head, most of the area taken up by your hands reflects the amount of the brain that is devoted to making sense of the information coming in through your eyes.

Those same areas of the brain are also involved in visual recollections of things that you have seen in the past. It makes sense that the brain would re-use areas devoted to vision to help in memory for visual information.


In the end, sensory distraction has both a general and a specific component.  Any kind of a distraction makes it harder for you to remember things to some degree.  In addition, having a visual distraction makes it particularly hard to remember visual details.  Having an auditory distraction makes it particularly hard to remember details of things that you heard.

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Via InformationIsBeautiful o infogramă care rezumă, teribil de sugestiv, în ce măsură sunt susținute de dovezi științifice cele mai populare suplimente nutritive medicale. Puteți să vă jucați în meniul din dreapta și să alegeți o afecțiune sau alta (un remediu care acționează într-un caz se poate dovedi neputincios pentru o altă boală, vezi de exemplu acizii grași Omega 3 care apar în grafic pe cel puțin 7 niveluri), însă păstrați mereu un ochi pe linia subțire „worth it line”. Mai mult, dând click pe fiecare bulină sunteți redirectați către studiul care susține respectiva clasificare, iar graficul este periodic actualizat.

„This image is a “balloon race”. The higher a bubble, the greater the evidence for its effectiveness. But the supplements are only effective for the conditions listed inside the bubble.

You might also see multiple bubbles for certain supps. These is because some supps affect a range of conditions, but the evidence quality varies from condition to condition. For example, there’s strong evidence that Green Tea is good for cholesterol levels. But evidence for its anti-cancer effects is conflicting. In these cases, we give a supp another bubble.”

PS: Lipsește din grafic supa de pui 😦 Eram curios!

Easy to fool

In the art of the con, magicians and swindlers and forgers insist, the ideal victim is not an ignoramus but an expert. Any magician would rather take on a roomful of physicists than of 5-year-olds. “When you’re certain you cannot be fooled,” wrote the magician Teller, “you become easy to fool.”

Experts make the best victims because they jump to unwarranted conclusions. […]

In one recent test, psychologists asked 32 volunteers to sample strawberry yogurt. To make sure the testers made their judgments purely on the basis of taste, the researchers said, they needed to turn out the lights. Then they gave their subjects chocolate yogurt. Nineteen of the 32 praised the strawberry flavor. One said that strawberry was her favorite flavor and she planned to switch to this new brand.

(Edward Dolnick – Fish or Foul?)

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